Reputation Management

If someone feels they had a positive experience with a company, they will tell one person. If someone feels they had a negative experience with a company, they will tell ten people.

What's the Purpose?

Increase Positive Reviews

Encourage clients to leave their feedback on platforms like Google when they have a great experience with your company. You can simply ask, or even consider using an incentive to encourage these reviews.

Decrease Chances of Bad Reviews

Get an opportunity to address the concerns of clients who feel they had a negative experience with your company. This gives you the chance to rectify a situation and turn a negative experience into a positive experience.

Instill Trust in Your Brand

Having a high review rating is essential to instilling trust in your brand. Many people will search online for reviews about a business before they reach out to them. Show potential clients you can be trusted to take care of their needs.

How Does it Work?

1. Ask The Client For Feedback

Once you have provided a service or product to a client, ask them for feedback by simply directing them to an online webform. This gives you the opportunity to determine how they rate their experience before it goes public.

2. Was It Positive Or Negative Feedback?

If a client leaves positive feedback, great! If the client leaves negative feedback, this is your opportunity to address the situation and try to turn it into a positive experience for the client and change their mind.

3. Ask The Client To Leave A Review

If a client leaves positive feedback on your form, encourage them to leave a public review, for example on Google. In order to encourage them a little more, you could also consider offering some kind of discount or coupon.

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